Who Needs a Spiritual Home Depot ?

When I am involved in a remodeling project I really like being able to go to a Home Depot, or Menards, or Lowe’s home center to gather everything I need.

Home Depot

Home Depot



Rows and rows of products are a delight. There are so many gadgets available to make the home improvement job a total success.


When I am involved as a volunteer construction worker in another person’s life remodeling project I wish we had a Big Warehouse full of tools and materials so that without delay work might proceed.


Earlier today, my good friend Annette called to tell me that her son, Rocky was in the hospital again. You see, Rocky broke his neck playing high school football in 2000. Caring for a quadriplegic son has been a great test for mom and an ongoing construction project.




Faith matters a whole lot to Rocky and Annette. At times I have had the honor to pitch in on some of the many remodeling project that are necessary to deal with Rock’s near total paralysis 24 x 7.


In frustration Annette says, “Deacon Don, I am so tired, I am so weary……But, Deacon Don….I thank God for the strength to somehow keep going”.



I give Annette some canvas gloves, we say a prayer, and then she must keeping hustling as there is no break. If Annette quits, the house crumbles in failure. Annette needs a spiritual cheerleader and encouragment to help her in the labor. We dream about going to the “Spritual Home Depot” to obtain the right equipment so that we can thrive.


In what aisle might we find the gutter repair materials that might catch Annette Clark’s private streams of tears?


In what aisle might we find the paint to create a happy face?



In what aisle the answers for prayers?



In what aisle is the glue that can hold them together when under all the stress and strain they begin to fall apart?



What “router” tool can be found to help make sense of the tragedy that came their way and now few seem to care about?



In what aisle can we obtain a loan to pay back taxes they are unable to pay? Is there an offer available: No payments until 2020?


In Annette and Rocky’s house, there is a 24 hour major construction remodeling project going on. Annette is the leader in remodeling and building up the hope necessary to support a broken heart. Rocky has had to remodel his whole life, his hopes, his dreams, his faith in God and his fellow man.


Annette and I constantly look for tools and building materials to keep the home from crumbling. Annette says, “It can get mighty lonely working alone.” Out of urgency the search continues to find a way to stop leaking pipes that drain any money in the system. Out of urgency the search continues for a miracle working shovel to move away the tax bill and other mail that ceaselessly comes.



What product in the Spiritual Home Depot warehouse can be used for the vermin pests that relentlessly eat away optimism?


I pray this day that Annette and Rocky can find the tools and materials that may successfully triumph and help them conitune to build faith in the midst of doubt and challenge.


I pray that good people can organize the tools and materials so that we, “construction workers” can do our job assisting with boosting hope and optimism, never daunted in our pursuit of building a dream house build on a foundation of faith.


I can see the mental picture of a “Spiritual Home Depot” with great big orange letters that warehouses everything one needs to keep building and building and building………



I believe that ….”With God, all things are possible”



With God the construction work continues. I believe through you and me…..God provides and stocks the “Spritual Home Depot.”



We pray that the faithful keep coming for a vist and go home happy to keep building and building and building.



May God bless Rocky and Annette and all who call upon the Lord God to help them build and remodel using the tools of the faithful.





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