The gifts of this land — Masada, Qumran, the Dead Sea

With each passing day, we seem to become more aware of the power of this land, the history of the extraordinary people who have lived here for centuries, the faith that has sustained it and sometimes ravaged it, the faithfulness that abides here still, and the reality that the richness of this trip may take quite awhile to fully make itself known to us. We are already aware on so many levels of what a profound experience we are having, individually and as a group, but we also know that deeper truths take some time to settle into our very bones so that we can finally put into words all that we have seen and felt.

The sharing of Fr. Don Senior each day brings a historical and spiritual insight that is unparalleled. It is truly a gift to be gazing at one of Israel’s stark or lush vistas, steeped in history, and listen to a Bible passage that speaks of the place we are in or hear Fr. Don’s historical overview which brings the power of the place even more into focus.

Today we visited Masada, Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947, and many of us ended the day with a float in the Dead Sea. These are amazing tourist and pilgrimage sites and experiences to be sure, but in visiting these places we are also participating in a  wonderful community of thoughtful, caring, insightful, faith-filled pilgrims. We drink in each experience like the bottles of water we are replenishing our bodies with, and we continue to support and look out for one another in ways we hadn’t even thought of before we came on this trip.

We are getting toward the end of our trip with just a few days left. A blog is a wonderful way to stay in touch but in so many ways cannot communicate the depth of this magnficent experience. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and know that you are loved and thought of often throughout the day.

Peace, Nancy


Richard and street musician: When the Saints Go Marching In

Amazing art abounds:Church of the Primacy

Jesus went into the desert to pray

Merchants abound in the Holy Land-even in the desert

"Politics and borders" Grafiti on the border wall on the West bank

Jericho: Oldest City on earth

Church at Cana in Galilee-Miracle Jars of Water into Wine-Alleluia

Zachias Sycamore Tree He climbed to see Jesus

Masada Lecture: Sad Story of Jewish Courage at the Hands of Roman Army

Dead Sea: Delightful (Strange) dip to escape 105+ heat

Bet Shean (Byzantine City) Amazing Archeological Find

Qumran Caves: Site of Dead Sea Scripture Verifying Scrolls


3 Responses to “The gifts of this land — Masada, Qumran, the Dead Sea”

  1. Barbara Connolly Says:

    Once agian, thank you for keeping us updated on your incredible experience and also for keeping us in your prayers. Know that we are praying for you as well. Pat, I can’t wait for you to get home so that you can share for first hand experience of this extra ordinary blessing.

    Love and peace!


  2. Barbara Knorr Says:

    I can’t stop smiling when I think of all that you have seen and experienced together. This is one journey you will hold in your heart for a lifetime. God bless you.

    Barbara Knorr

  3. Brenda Bennett Says:

    I stumbled across this website in my search for a way to find a way to have my elderly mother visit the Holy Land. It just makes sense to me that there would be a group somewhere to answer this need.

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