Amazing Grace-Stauros In Action:Holy Land Reflection

Greetings to all from Deacon Don:

Amazing Grace: No Limits-God for All Sea of Galilee Preparing to Accept all Persons to Enjoy Access to the Land of the Bible

Our journey is now about half over, and the community that has been built during this time is so beautiful. Teamwork is joyful, and when we work together and help persons using wheelchairs transfer into tough places we all clap and feel a great sense of solidarity, love and accomplishment. For me, I thank God for each of the phone inquiries that led to this marvelous group of 24 strangers from all over the United States bonded together now in this challenging and remarkable pilgrimage. Stauros Board of Director: Alan Melkerson encouraged and prodded and guided this journey all the way to Israel. (Thank You Alan-we owe this trip to your vigorous encouragment and support)

The love that we feel for each of us walking and rolling in the footsteps of Jesus moves us often to tears. Each day we encounter 105 degree heat  and go up against many inacessible stairways that are obstacles we have had to overcome. We have become quite fearless and it can be said, “nothing can stop this group when we set our mind to it-wow! Father Don’s brilliant daily lectures deepen our understanding and appreciation for the Bible and the context for Christianity coming to life in the early days of our Lord. Sharing Communion together each day at Holy Places allows each of us to reflect on the Gospel and the challenges to pray for one another and use God’s gifts to “love one another” and change the world for better. Today on the Sea of Galilee the wind picked up a bit as we crossed.  I refelected on the Gospel story where the disciples awakened Jesus because the were afraid because of a storm there at sea. This group is not afraid as we are bonded together in faith. We turn to God in prayer and offer thanksgiving for this enriching experience.

In Capernaum today we saw the Holy place where the four friends and a man paralyzed was lowered to the feet of Jesus seeking a miracle. This is most certainly one of my most favorite passages of the bible. The story  can create miracles. Teamwork undertaken collaboratively by friends on behalf of those in need of healing, overcoming obstacles via entrepeneurial efforts and faith in God can change the world one person at a time. We learn lessons from the bible and by looking around see that by trusting in God and forming a strong and supportive community of encouragment miracles come to life. This is Amazing Grace.

Our group has learned to sing this beautiful Gospel acclaimation which becomes the cornerstone of our mission ahead:

“God has spoken to His people: Alleluia” And His words are words of wisdom: Alleluia”

We pray each day for all who have asked for prayers in joyful hope.

Shalom: God’s Blessings to all touched by Stauros and this wonderful journey. Deacon Don Grossnickle-Executive Director: Stauros USA


One Response to “Amazing Grace-Stauros In Action:Holy Land Reflection”

  1. Susan Corrigan Says:

    I enjoyed the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. The ride was very peaceful. I enjoyed the demonstration of the nets being thrown in the water. In Matthew 4:19, it is stated “Come after me and I will make you fishers of men”. We had a wonderful, diverse group. We all got along. In I Corinthians, Chapter 12 it is stated that there are many parts of one body but we are still one body.

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