Hi Friends,

Couldn’t post last night — due to Shabbat (Sabbath), we weren’t able to check into our hotel in Galilee until 8 p.m., after sundown. Please know that we are all well — if dealing with some pretty hot temps. Yesterday we visited the magnificent ruins of Caesarea Maritima, where Herod the Great built an impressive seaside palace which includes a hippodrome and theatre, still in use.  We loved our lunch! — at a local restaurant in Dalyiat Karmiel where we got to make our way through lots of local merchant life (aka shopping), and then had Mass at Mt. Carmel. We had dinner at a seaside restaurant in Tiberias and were pretty pooped by the time we got to Kibbutz Lavi Hotel.

Today, a bit weary around the edges, we were restored by a beautiful boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, which included hoisting the American flag as we belted out the National Anthem, a demonstration of how fishermen traditionally cast their nets, and then a bit more singing of traditional Israeli folk songs. That was followed by a trip to the spiritually serene Mount of Beatitudes, outdoor Mass at the Church of the Primacy of Peter where Peter was asked to lead the future church, and a visit after lunch to Capernaum, the site of many of Jesus’ miracles and the intact foundation of Peter’s home. Our journey is tiring, exhilarating, fascinating, jovial and reflective; we are indeed on a spiritual journey in so many personal and collective ways.

But enough from me. It’s been tough to pass around the laptop, but what follows is a blog from Sr. Pat Connolly. Enjoy!

Hi! Family, Friends,  and the Grey Nuns,

I’m typing on the bus on a very small laptop(first time experience). This is an amazing experience. Each day I say this is the best yet but then our experience of the following day seems to top that one. Fr. Don Senior is fantastic.  He has so much to share.  Everyone is so helpful. It’s teamwork,  especially when lifting wheelchairs and transferring people to a sling in order to lower them into the cave of Jesus’ birth or to ascend the steps of the Temple  Mount.

We were able to walk on the ruins that revealed the same road that Jesus walked on, and ascend and pray at the Temple steps, where we are sure Jesus also walked.  When we had Mass at each different site, I prayed for you—my family, my friends and all the GNSHs. I could have never accomplished this trip without Susan Gibson, my assistant, and the help of all the others. Susan and I pinch each other every day because we can hardly believe we’re here.

The countryside has been magnificent, the food delicious, the weather hot but fun, and all participants wonderful. This trip will be something for me to treasure for the rest of my life. Enjoying everything. Will be in touch again either on the blog or when I’m home.

Be sure to read the blog for each day’s update.

 Shalom, y’all,


Deacon Don: Mount of Beatitudes-Loving the Trip/Group

Sea of Galilee: 24 Pilgrims Become Fishers of Men and Women

Jesus asks: "Do You Love Me?" Site of Seaside Breakfast Offered by Jesus

Capernaum: Peter The Fisherman's House-("Amazing to Experience!)

Baptism of Jesus-John the Baptizer: Jordan River


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  1. Barbara Connolly Says:

    Dear All,

    It was great to hear from you and to learn that you were unable to blog last night. Pat, I can only imagine what a wonderful, blessed and awesome experience this has been for you and all of the others. I can hardly wait for you to get to New York in September so that you can share “in person”.

    Peace and Love,


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