Bethlehem-Birthplace of Jesus-Photos To Enjoy



Some great photos to help you come along  on the Stauros journey to the Holy Land.  

Enjoy: Shepherd’s Field Mass, Site of the birthplace of Jesus and the Dome of the Rock back in Jerusalem. We are offering prayers for loved ones and concerns for the world.  

Deacon Don,Nancy and the 24. Enjoy  

Church of All Nations-Site of the Agony in the Garden


Dome of the Rock-We Share our Pilgrimmage


Bethlehem:Site of the Shepher's Watching Their Flock-Mass in a Cave


Bethlehem: Birthplace of Jesus-Moved to Tears


Praying at the Western Wall for Loved Ones and Hope for the World to Come as Pilgrims On a Journey


David and Deacon Don Praying for the Mission of Stauros USA and for Many Intentions and Prayers Requested


3 Responses to “Bethlehem-Birthplace of Jesus-Photos To Enjoy”

  1. Julie Says:

    The updates are wonderful. They bring back wonderful memories of my journey to the Holy Land with Stauros. You have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Sister Barbara Connolly Says:

    What a blessed experience for each of you. Thanks for keeping us all in your prayers during your pilgrimage.

  3. Barbara Knorr Says:

    Congratulations on your teamwork! Bethlehem is a real physical challenge. Glad you were up for it.

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