First Full Day in Jerusalem

Hi Friends,
We are weary but very, very satisfied after a day of wondrous sights and shared spiritual experience.

We started the morning at Yad Vashem, the memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. It was a quiet and sobering experience, one beyond words really. The Children’s Memorial was especially moving, with thousands of tiny lights appearing out of the darkness as the names of the young victims were read.

Next we visited the Israeli Museum which hosts an amazing scale model replica of what Jerusalem looked like in the 1st centuryAD. This was the perfect way to get a historical sense of what the old city, which still exists in part in the modern city, would have looked like.

In the afternoon we toured the old city in Jerusalem, a covered market filled with stalls where vendors are selling clothing, household items, tourist knick knacks, meats, fruits, vegetables and every imaginable item used by humans, with the smells of spices, soaps, leather and food hanging in the air and wafting all around us.

We ended the day at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where scholars feel very confident the site of Calvary is located and the burial of Jesus took place.  Fr. Don Senior celebrated Mass at the altar of Mary Magdalene. It was beautiful and truly touching.

Most important, already we feel like a group, a team. We are learning how to get the wheelchairs on and off the bus in minutes; we are all looking out for another and so appreciative of one another’s presence and the personal journeys that we made to get to the journey we are now on as pilgrims. We are blessed. Keep us in your prayers.


One Response to “First Full Day in Jerusalem”

  1. Barbara Connolly Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures and your experience. Know that I am praying for all of you

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