Can Damien, Mother Marianne and Brother Joseph Inspire Saintly Work from Us?

OK, the ceremony is complete, the world now has affirmed the work of Saint Damien. Now, what is the rest of the story? Who is ready to step up and accept the Spiritual boost the Saints offer us toward action? The posting above is offered as a reality check. We in Chicago, we in Stauros USA know some things that Saint Damien knew. We both know God is asking each one of us to pursue a destiny. For now, Stauros USA and local celebrity Wayne Messmer are on a mission. We want Saint Damien to come alive and touch people. We want Saint Damien via the play: Damien by Aldyth Morris to awaken the story of Damien in Hawaii. More importantly, we want the play to inspire, invigorate, provoke, and otherwise move people to live in the light that brings hope to the hopeless. Who are the lepers who need our touch? Look around, and it is easy to see. Damien took care of 8000 men women and children, all abandoned and left to die. Are there 8000 more that are destined to be without God, unless–, we act? We must act now.
Wayne Messmer as Saint Damien

Wayne Messmer as Saint Damien

Check out this video about Wayne:

Wayne Messmer was shot in the neck by a robber. The bullet ripped and tore his throat. Wayne is well known for his reputation for being one of the greatest singer of our country’s national anthem. God healed Wayne to once again sing after his brush with death. Wayne is inspired to use his gifts reaching out to the “anawim”, those on the margins and the fringe. Wayne is teamed up with Stauros USA to tell the Father Damien story. Wayne knows deeply the frustration that can come when nobody cares. His gradndaughter suffers from a food allergy that forces her to adapt her life. Quietly, she suffers. Quietly behind the scenes researchers are trying to find a way for the struggle she endures to be cured. Wayne accepts the pain and struggle and uses the struggle and the suffering to empower a sense of action. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF DAMIEN-GET BUSY FOR OTHERS–WHY? BECAUSE WE CAN, WE SHOULD, WE MUST–WHY? BECAUSE GOD LOVES US AND SENT US ON A MISSION TO SHARE LOVE, AND HOPE AND LIGHT.

Yes, We must study Damien and try to understand what made him tick. However, the studying must give way to action, get busy, get inspired, get motivated, get ready to tocuh even the lepers who are “unclean”  Damien refused to become a victim to the “system” Damien refused to give in to oppression from; government, from the powerful and strong prisoners in Molokai that were preying on the weak and vulnerable, from the Church and Chruch leaders that were apparently, not yet ready to step up and serve with him. Damien stood alone and with God’s Spirit and his mission and Holy Orders-that was sufficient to fuel his passion.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Gandhi and you and I internalize the gift that Damien gives in whispering to us now:

“will you help me touch the “little ones”, the broken children of God….those with AIDS, those who have cancer…those who are sick and dying,  those who are considering suicide, those depressed and those abandoned with no one to love them?

Check out the mission of Stauros:

We pray: “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of the faithful and enkindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your spirit and we shall be recreated and renew the face of the earth.”

Hugs, and thanks, now let us give God the glory. Saint Damien, pray for us.

Amen. Deacon Don


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