Julie-Julia:Inspirational Message

Just returned from the fantastic film:  Julie and Julia”: A tale of two cooks‎ . What a wonderful boost to the heart, spirit, and soul.  I found it absolutely heartwarming. I love it!

Suffering and struggle take such a toll on our outlook in life. When the going gets tough, so often we want to hide, get down and depressed and wallow in the fact that the whole world seems against us.

The deeper message in this film is that everybody faces suffering. Everybody faces oppression, and the ‘system’ seems so big and powerful, and so darn good at beating us down.

Julia and Julie qualify as what I call, ” New Humpty Dumpty Souls”. The two personalities are so different, yet so alike in refusing to be beaten down. They each find a way to captivate the positive energy of friends and family to bounce back when the forces beat them into submission and despair.

They remind me of Damien the Leper priest of Molokai. The have fearless resilience to keep bouncing back against the wind.

My wife encouraged me to attend what from all appearances is billed as a “chick flick”. Wow, am I glad I went.

Each day I find myself fighting against the wind.

Right now, I am trying to form a new organization that reaches out to broken neck high school football players. It seems so futile, the subject is so depressing nobody wants to help me. (Poor me?)

Right now, I am trying to work on a documentary film that recruits young and old to get on the bandwagon to do volunteering as a means of helping others rise in the face of adversity (no helpers, no money-poor me?)

Right now, I am trying to boost the spirits of  those with cancer struggles. It is hard to keep praying for miracles. (Poor me)

Stop it. We each must find the depth of character to persevere-Like Julie and Julia.

I encourage everybody to enjoy the film, study it, learn what entrepenurial spirit is all about.

I pray that every person can be  a , “New Humpty Dumpty” person-refusing to give in, and always be open to reach out for loved ones and community to help raise you out of the quicksand of self pity.

Yes, friends, God works through people. Believe it.

Wishing you the blessings of cooking yourself a positive and optimistic attitude-no matter what!

Deacon Don


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