Stauros USA: Happy to announce that Stauros is linked closely with the National Catholic Partnership on Disability-US Bishop’s Conference

Please check out their web site

Stauros Ministries Invitation: Access to the Land of the Bible

Stauros Ministries Invitation: Access to the Land of the Bible, August 17-28, 2010 is a trip for people with disability. Access to the Land of the Bible is a non-academic program of Bible study made accessible to persons living with disabilities. It is the realization of a dream by Fr. Donald Senior, CP, New Testament scholar, and Stauros U.S.A. founder, the late Fr. Flavian Dougherty, CP.   In the words of Fr. Senior, “For many people with disabilities, their suffering is not their disability itself but, rather, the barriers and negative attitudes society puts in their way. 

We named our program ‘Access to the Land of the Bible’ because we want to demonstrate that people with disabilities should have the same access to the sources of our faith as anyone else.” 

Stauros is launching a campaign to recruit 25 leaders in the disability “no limits” movement who have disability themselves and desire to attend a fantastic study tour of the Holy Land with one of the world’s foremost experts on the bible and New Testament:  Fr Don Senior, the current President of the Catholic Theological Union.

Diocesan/Partner News

What is CUSA?  CUSA is an organization that provides a way for people with chronic illness or disability to care for others like themselves through an online or postal service Christian support group. To see seven video clips from 47 seconds to 7 ½ minutes in length on different topics related to disability by Fr. Lawrence Jagdfeld, Administrator of CUSA, go to the website at and click on CUSA Videos in the left column.

Stauros has a new free online Journal: Hope and Suffering Notebook.  See a preview at: 
Stauros U.S.A. is a non-profit organization committed to helping people find meaning, hope and peace in the midst of suffering. Their mission is: to further education and dialogue on issues of suffering; to create opportunities for prayer, retreat, and reflection; to advocate with and give voice to persons who live with disabilities and suffering; and to build bridges of compassion among all who suffer, their caregivers, and the helping professions.


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