Entrepreneurs of Hope

I am immersed in many aspects of the world of suffering. I have come to be on the constant lookout for signs that signal hope. Hope is that great elixir and often elusive advantage that offers the spiritual strength one needs to strive beyond oppression. I am a “prospector” of hope. I set out to mine authentic hope so that I can pass along the “golden gifts” to those ready to accept them.
Springtime each season sees the dormant buds of shrubs and trees awaken back to life. Nature shows lessons about rising after death. Redemptive suffering envisions a reward coming with faithful hope. I wonder: Does Hope sometimes require an entrepreneur ready to creatively and persistently find and apply ways to unleash its power? Yes, I believe that to be true!
When the dark clouds of suffering dampen our spirits, what antidote can we apply that might shift the mood? Prospectors of hope become enlivened entrepreneurs who assemble resources and invent options. As if we are an alchemist each of us must reach into the apothecary of our hearts to match the spiritual symptoms of malady with some dosage that brings relief and hope through faith.
Each day I encounter and learn from inspiring human stories. Entrepreneurs of Hope look for signs and illustrations in the lives of others.  Today, I notice an exemplary young man diagnosed with cancer. He refuses to resign himself to despair and pledges to wage a battle he intends to fight. He implores God to be by his side.
I notice the divine strength and the entrepreneurial hope demonstrated by the role model of Jesus. Jesus proclaims with his martyr’s passion a stubborn defiance against the sting of human death. Yes, even when we walk in the valley of the shadow of death, a place that tests our fears, we can be consoled.
Friends, Entrepreneurs of Hope are resourceful, inventive, creative, and artistic and refuse to be mastered by obstacles. Entrepreneurs of Hope see options and alternatives, transmutations, modifications, transitions, and portals that offer positive change. Entrepreneurs refuse to accept slammed doors in their face, rejection, isolation, marginalization, and ostracism.  
Entrepreneurs of Hope know just when to call out for help and are adept at working in isolation or by forging teams.
I pray for those needing strength and love for the journey. 

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