Interest in Fr. Damien Film Documentary?

Let Us Tell The Story of a Wounded Healer and Prophet

Let Us Tell The Story of a Wounded Healer and Prophet

There is growing interest in producing a documentary film that tells the deeper story about Fr Damien and Mother Marianne in Molokai.

I am in touch with a group that is moving ahead to tell the great powerful  story of the people and the community life from the “inside.”

Much more is known about the: triumphs and struggle, spirituality, humanity, suffering, compassion, discrimination, isolation, despair, and hope and so much more. The inpiring story needs to be told right now as the time is right and so many are open to hear and respond to challenges for changing the world for the better.

People of all ages can benefit from looking deeply into what really happened in that time and progressed to the present in that tiny geographically isolated piece of paradise.

The story of Father Damien and others is an ongoing drama played out in a world where suffering healers, servants, and prophets are much needed among all God’s people.

Please Pass on the word, The Father Damien Celebration Alliance is seeking sponsors for creating and distributing a documentary film. This film will proclaim the good news of suffering for the people of this world now, and serve to create the kind of world where Leprosy, discrimiation, suffering is embraced with a whole new attitude of compassion and love.

Let the river  that brings healing water to the world begin to flow outward today. Please  join your prayers and connections to enliven this project.

May God bring to life a revelation and story beautifully told that will transform the world for the glory.

You may contact me via the Stauros USA web site:

Deacon Don


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