-Discovering Wisdom to Unlock the Mysteries of Suffering

Role Models? Bees Gather Nectar to Make Honey

Role Models? Bees Gather Nectar to Make Honey

What if when suffering circumstances come our way we had ready access to practical wisdom to assist in formulating our response?

What if we had a helpful and compassionate guide, a reliable compass, a map to help us negotiate the jungle of information and mis-information available on the expansive topic of human suffering?

What if when hopelessly stuck in paralyzing quicksand we could call out and a friendly voice would offer advice to assist in a timely escape from our imminent peril?

When despair threatens to overwhelm  the last bit of optimism left after battles to cope with suffering’s grip leaves us spent…..,who can you call?

My prayer is that no person should face the tough challenges of suffering alone.

Further, nobody should have to formulate a personal response to the presence of suffering without access to good resources.

Are there good resources out there that can make a difference in building a person’s ability to bounce back after a fall?

Are there keys that alone, or in combination, can unlock the pathway one might aspire to accomplish: “good suffering”?

Who are the experts that have refined pearls of wisdom from the ages that point light on suffering’s dark side?

What authoritative libraries exist from psychology? philosophy? spirituality, theology? and healing technologies including medicine and pharmacology?

What if there were a community dedicated to the study of creatively forging avenues on which to travel the rocky roads of suffering?

Who are the leaders of good thinking?

What does the bible and holy writing have to offer those who suffer?

May the word go forth throughout the land: If anyone has wisdom to share about “good” suffering…Please bring it to our attention at Stauros USA.


We will share the good news via our E-magazine-Stauros Hope and Suffering Seeds of Light, and or via our new Stauros Hope and Suffering Notebook.




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