Rediscovering Gems in the Jewelry Box of Life

Saturday I was having lunch in the community dining room of the monastery and met some wonderful friends for Stauros.

I met for the first time cheerful: Brother Ray Sanchez. Ray has a great history and wisdom derived from many years of being a chaplain to prisoners. I was immediately fascinated in the possibility of learning about his wisdom and insights all about being among the “captives”.

What is the spirituality of a prison and confinement? What is it like to minister in this environment?

I have a hunch Brother Ray has some fascinating stories to tell.

Another conversation turned to a couple of wonderful hours with Father Frank Keenan. Fr. Frank has been a chaplain at a local hospital medical center for many years. I learned that Fr. Frank has been writing passionately for a long time: reflections, articles and poetry.

He mentioned that finding an avenue to place his material is a challenge and hopes that others can share in this legacy. This is an untapped gift to share.

All day after savoring meeting and building new relationships with these wonderful ministers of Christ’s mission I felt awesome thanksgiving.

I felt as if I had discovered two “gold mines”,-not only for me, but I had discovered gems that can possibly be life changing and transforming for others. It will be my honor now to see if I can bring them further out into the light. 

The concept of re-discovering”gems in a jewelry box” helps me describe this moment of revelation and insight.

At home I have a jewelry box containing gold cuff links that came from my father and grandfather. In it I have a fancy watch; I have rings from college and such, and many tie pins. I don’t use items from my jewelry box very often,  and kind of unintentionally ignore them and tend to inadvertently under appreciate their value.

I am excited that the “jewels” I have discovered in the wisdom of experts in the theology and spirituality of healing and suffering wisdom can be shared. I dream they might become a source of great personal growth and change for others.

I am excited to see if my work with Stauros publications can somehow help others to learn about hope for the captives of life and help them learn about healing in the midst of great suffering. I am delighted that these dedicated servants of the Lord might share gems of wisdom bringing them out into the bright light of day and be enjoyed and appreciated in new ways.

I pray this morning in thanksgiving for opportunities ahead, that all of us might be fortunate in discovering and sharing “gold and jewels” we find.



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