Stauros USA Reaches Out-Your Voices Shared

Today, Stauros USA makes a humble mark on history. We venture out in the world of cyber and media in the pursuit of establishing the makings of a community BLOG.

I am Deacon Don Grossnickle, your host and moderator. I serve the Stauros USA Community as Executive Director. I accepted this position because I want to play a part establishing a local and world wide forum that looks suffering squarely in the eye and seeks productive insights and wisdom to transcend the heavy burdens associated. I want to help establish a culture that can bring good out of misfortune, hope from despair. I believe in the power of spiritual resilience. I wish to cultivate it as if it is a great Sequoia tree.



I want to be a facilitator using the BLOG medium to share great stories of great triumphs of the human spirit over the pain and agony that comes when suffering comes to visit households and hearts. Stauros USA also has a great web site: www. Stauros distributes an email: E-Zine-Seeds of Light.

Please—-Check out these publications and more on our web site.


I am committed to join with you in the search for a strength and spirit that will uplift the broken and vulnerable.  With the help of God and each other, I am assured that victory belongs to this community-because God wills it so……


Today the BLOG theme will be: Venturing Out, Moving from Our Inward Place to the Outward Place.


In 2000 I began to learn so much about the process of being a “mechanic” of the heart, mind, spirit and soul. I began to pray with a young boy, Rob Komosa, who had broken his neck playing high school football. At first, I brought communion to him him and cried with his mother and family about this tragedy that came their way. Rob never cried. He and God found a peace and strength that astounds the spectator who meets him. I have compulsively entered into a journey as a “prospector” looking for the hidden golden wisdom that seems to mitigate suffering for some as they harness the spiritual strength and resilience to rise after the fall. What is the secret to prove the “Humtpy Dumpty” nursery rhyme we teach our children is a big horrible lie?


I have witnessed a miracle, –No,– many miracles,– where a broken, “Humpty Dumpty” has a great fall-and with the right King (God) and the right horsemen (the community and: a team, and professionals, and family) a NEW Humpty Dumpty can rise!


Rob was almost totally broken, paralyzed unable to move most all parts of his body. He has a C-1 fracture of the spinal cord. They call this, “hangman’s fracture” Medical experts say,-“99.5% of those who are injured in this way do not survive”, —because they cannot breathe.


The first miracle in the Komosa story is that Rob did survive. He inherited what the media called, “a fate worse than death.” His suffering about: what is lost, the horrific devastation brought on the parents and sister, the inescaplable agony, and all the despair are hard to describe. Rob says that part of the secret to his ability to be at peace is to surrender to his status and to be constructive and be a “mechanic” building TODAY. Rob says that it is “EASIER” to give in to peace than it is to enter into turmoil, and nightmare…”what ifs”?


Years now since the injury occurring in October of 1999, many print and TV stories have been told about the, “Unbreakable Spirit of Rob Komosa.” I am very fortunate to have been an eyewitness to the story visiting twice a day for several years as a spiritual guide, friend, and handy man, beggar, cheerleader and more.


Young Rob Komosa is the son of Polish immigrant parents who were living the American Dream-until, catastrophe changed everything. Rob wanted to be a car mechanic. Now Rob is a mechanic of the heart, mind, spirit, and soul. Rob’s father, Stanley, died of a broken heart just a year ago. Very sad! Rob is still working on salvaging a total wreck that has come on his family. The burden of providing 24-7 care is a mjaor load of guilt Rob bears. The danger of a mechanical failure of his breathing apparatus is a constant threat,- but pales in proportion to the sadness he feels watching how his mother struggles to keep positive. He sees as a result of his injury she must now devote her life completly to feeding, washing, handling toliet matters, washing out breathing tubes, on and on and on…..


I have walked part of his journey with Rob and his family helping where I can. I helped rally the community to come to his aid. Oh my. The great stories I can recall. I have volumes of amazing stories to tell– of lemonade stands, $20,000 donations, and fund raiser events to provide accessible housing.


(What is true of this amazing story of how goodness has come out of a tragedy inspires me to do my best to share. I want to see if the model of caring and outreach can be exported to be a boost to others?)


The love of community caring and making sure Rob and his family are not abandoned and alone is fantastic, However, the kindness and love cannot change the reality of the broken neck. The life-giving offering of spiritual gifts of hope is nourishing. Rob has a full time job now working as a mechanic attending to the dents of the the spirit, working on the engine of discovering meaning amidst suffering. He looks for tools that help him find peace in being able to cope, and seek the gift of a good day.


Rob taught me so much about miracle making in one’s own head and heart and spirit. I still have much to learn.

Rob's Article in St Anthony's Messenger magazine




After meeting Rob,–I soon met four other local high school former football players all with broken necks I met many others with spinal cord injuries and a host of persons affected by disabilities.


I am now a student enrolled in the “University of Suffering”, –Seeking what I call–wisdom about—“good and suffering“. Where are the transformative life giving “switches” that a person can flip to change the horrific circumstances they are faced with?


Where are the lifelines to grab on to to empower oneself or loved ones to deal with circumstances/catastrophes like paralysis–like a cerebral palsy engulfs one, like ALS suffocates one—leaving the individual with no place to turn with inevitable strangulation on the horizon?


Turn to God? Yes. Yes. Yes.


In this Blog, I hope to make connections and share connections with you the Stauros Community.


I hope that we can learn, share,–transform most any situation TOGETHER.

That is the “SECRET” I learned from Rob and God. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Tell the world about your insights and wisdom about what you have taught yourself about bringing “good” to suffering.


Like OIL and VINEGAR,—- “good”, and “suffering” are a strange combination.


What good do you see, invent, create, and bring to life in the face of suffering?


 What is your magic? What is your story?


 What is your formula?


Please take some time and,– please reflect on my first attempt at a BLOG.


Consider sharing the wisdom of what suffering has to teach us about life and the help us discover insights about the mysteries of an indomitable human spirit and grace that is a gift of God.




Deacon Don


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